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Lingtie (Xiamen) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a "One-stop printing service" company for R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of  roll-to-roll screen printing machines, 2 color screen printing machine, fully automatic silkscreen printing machine,letterpress printing machines, rewinding machine and various auxiliary materials. We have established our factory since 2003 and there are branches in Taiwan and Vietnam at the moment.

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Established in 2003, Lingtie (Xiamen) Machinery Co., Ltd has become a well-known supplier for Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine, Letterpress Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine, post-press equipment etc.  We are manufacturing and exporting machines to the world with the high rate of customer's satisfaction. 

About Us

About Us

Lingtie (Xiamen ) Machinery Co. Ltd Lingtie (Xiamen) Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Company specializes in the research, production, sales, and services of Automatic Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine, Rewinding Machine, Label Rewinding Machine, Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine and ancillary equipment since 2003. We have already made friends from all over the world. The total sales amount of the machine can reach 20 million every year. The Development of Lingtie (Xiamen ) Machinery Co. Ltd 2022.6   1. We update our production line with new equipment to ensure higher quality screen printing machine.                          2. LINGTIE New plant building in Xiang's district start in use .   2021  March 4th- 6th    The 27# South China international Exhibition on Printing Industry and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2021. 2019  We attended 4 exhibitions in Guangzhou and Shanghai.All crowded and successully ,Customers from all over the world gether togeter ,sharing business oppotunities .  2018 We performance our roll to roll screen printing machine in THE 7th ALL IN PRINT CHINA Exhibition in Shanghai, the CSGIA Exhibition in Guangzhou.  2015-2017 Our machine got CE certificated and exported to Europe, USA, Middle East, and many Southeast Asia countries. More investment in CNC machining center and precision equipment for machine parts processing. Product range expanded to letterpress machine. 2013-2014 LTA-7060/60160/150100 Automatic Screen Printing Machine was developed, max. printing width 1500 mm, max.printing area 1000 x 1500 mm,register accuracy 0.01 mm. 2012 Moved to our new plant in Tong’an Industrial Concentration Area with more than 3000 sqm. Advanced equipment was added to ensure the precision of machine parts. 2011 Automatic deviation correction and varying speed winding technology were introduced for the dryer to ensure that the substrate will be dried evenly. 2010 Customers from different countries visited us and received orders from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam etc…We expanded overseas market shares because of our good technique and quality. 2009 LTA-5570 Automatic Screen Printing Machine was developed with a breakthrough in maximum printing width. Sensor register system and vacuum pitch feeding new technology were adopted in the machine. In this year, we established the international sales department for exporting and got the ISO 9001 Certificate. 2008 LTA-50120 Automatic Screen Printing Machine with the maximum printing area of 500 x 600 mm was developed for air conditioner panel IMD industry. 2007 200℃ high-temperature dryer with 80 meters inner pass was custom made for Taiwan customer. In this year, we developed a reverse feeding automatic printing machine, exhibited in printing fairs and gained many positive comments from the market. 2006 We were the first company in China to develop 60 meters inner pass, 4-side heating, and constant temperature dryer. We first use Eco-friendly heat insulation form in the dryer to ensure constant temperature inside the dryer. 2004 LTA-460 Automatic Screen Printing Machine was developed. Its maximum printing area was the biggest size among similar machines in China. It was used to print heat transfers on PET film with a minimum thickness of 0.025 mm. 2003 Lingtie was founded to focus on the production of high precision automatic screen printing machine and ancillary equipment. In this year, the LTA-350 Automatic Screen Printing Machine with 30 meters inner pass dryer was developed for the market.


Lingtie (Xiamen) Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Company specializes in the research, production, sales, and services of Automatic Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine, Rewinding Machine, Label Rewinding Machine, Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine and Ancillary Equipment since 2003. All the Machines export all over the world. Tell us what's require first, we handle with all the rest. In November 2016 We started a CNC Machining Center to machine the Intermittent Letterpress Label Printing Machine. Including CNC lathes, Milling Machine, Mirror Grinding machine, Wire cutting machine.   In order to shorten the delivery time to Lingtie Clients, we have Roll to Roll Screen Printing Press, Doctoring Rewinding Machine, Table Rewinder Machine, Roll to Sheet Cutter Machine, Feeder Machine in stock in Lingtie workhouse. To Save you time and money, Welcome Contact or for more details
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The overseas sales of Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine, Letterpress Intermittent Rotary Label Printing Machine, Roll Label Counting Machine and Automatic Rewinding Machine have constantly grown. the total sale amount can reach 20 million every year.

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High precised Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine and advanced technology Letterpress Rotary Printing Machines produced by Lingtie (Xiamen ) Machinery, Welcome to our factory for a visit and do testing. As long as you have any requirements about the silk screen printing machine, we are super professional supplier.

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Our video sources: guests visit the site test video, guest proofing video, client factory printing video, we are always ready to give people in need of the video, welcome contact us directly

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